We established Prebbleton Childcare in the year 2000 with the dream of creating a beautiful space for the youngest members of our community to be nurtured, cared for and educated. In the early days Prebbleton was a humble farming community on the outskirts of Christchurch. Over the years we have grown with our community opening our Nursery in 2005 and our Kindergarten in 2010.


We believe it is important for children to feel secure and valued when in our care. It is our ongoing vision to create 'The Next Best Place to Home'... home representing a place of sanctuary and comfort , a place where we can be with our family, relax, laugh, be heard and be accepted. This notion of home underpins the service we offer our families.


We feel it is important for children to engage with and explore a natural environment and to have fun while doing so. With this in mind we offer large, well considered play spaces, plenty of natural resources, large trees (attracting bird life) and an earthy colour palette throughout (to reflect our rural roots). We have organic gardens, chickens that lay eggs, rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies. Our pets are apart of our centre family.


We understand it is essential to have teachers who are warm, caring and demonstrate a passionate commitment to teaching children to be 'lifelong learners' all while fostering strong relationships with children and families. We have carefully selected our teaching team because they are able to demonstrate these qualities that are so important to our service.

With this in mind we hope you feel like you have come home when you walk through our door! We warmly welcome you and your family to our service...


~ Melissa, Rodger, Gem & Mel







Prebbleton Preschool cares for and educates children ages 3 to 5 years. Children under 3 years attend Prebbleton Nursery. We are open from 7.30am - 5.30pm everyday!

100% Registered Teachers everyday on session.

Our outdoor play area is inspired by the rural roots of the Prebbleton community. We have chickens, rabbits and a vegetable garden! This teaches the children about sustainability and caring for our environment.

Our Preschool has a focus on food (baking, gardening) and science. Through these areas of learning and play we encourage children to use 'real life tools' (baking equipment, gardening tools, carpentry tools etc) aiding them to explore and understand practical concepts about the world around them. 

We offer 20 Hours FREE for all 3, 4 & 5 year olds. 

We offer the highest quality of care and education with the most affordable fees.


If your child is under 3 years of age then Prebbleton Nursery is the best choice for them. Please visit for more information.

At Prebbleton Preschool we believe that children arrive in this world competent, capable and full of knowledge and curiosity. Relationships are at the forefront of our thinking and our teachers endeavor to develop strong, responsive, respectful and reciprocal relationships with all members of our preschool whānau. Through these relationships children develop a strong sense of belonging in a natural environment that has a ‘home like feel’.

We have three key values here at Prebbleton Preschool –

Manaakitanga – Looking after ourselves and looking after others. Warmth, welcome and empathy.

Kaitiakitanga – Guardianship for the environment, each other, our pets and our wider community.

Kotahitanga – Recognising Unity and Cooperation whilst respecting individuality. We are strong together and work towards the same goal.

Teachers and children learn alongside each other where social competence is encouraged through guidance, role modelling and positive reinforcement.

Play is recognised as the tool through which children learn and explore. Our teachers observe and intentionally plan for the children and their learning. Our teachers believe strongly in encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our teachers support children’s lifelong learning skills to prepare them for school and beyond. Focusing on social strategies that support curriculum areas and the development of gross motor skills allowing children to strengthen their bodies for the cognitive functions necessary for communication and learning. Developing competent and capable members of society who develop the ability to take risks, adapt, manage themselves and relate to others.





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